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Our governance guarantees efficient, reliable, and transparent management. The HIT Board of Directors is made up of 5 members: President, Vice-President, and 3 directors.

HIT members

logo prov trento

logo prov trento

logo prov trento

Autonomous Province of Trento

The provincial strategy for territorial social and economic development is based on research and innovation. The Trentino Research and Innovation System is confirmed as a reference point both nationally and internationally, the result of effective synergy between the provincial government, research organizations, and the business world. The Autonomous Province of Trento participated with important investments and long-term structural policies.

of GDP
Million annual public and private spending on R&D
R&D employees
Institutes, organizations and subjects active in the territory


University of Trento

Founded in 1962, the University of Trento offers over 90 active degree courses, masters, graduate schools and Ph.D. programs. More than 16 thousand students are enrolled in fields such as physics, engineering, socio-economic sciences and humanities.

Teachers and researchers
Departments and 4 centers
Other University research facilities
logo fdk

logo fdk

logo fdk

Bruno Kessler Foundation

The Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) carries out research and application activities in the areas of Cybersecurity, Digital Society, Digital Industry, Digital Health and Wellbeing, Health Emergencies, Sustainable Energy, Sensors and Devices, Theoretical Physics, as well as evaluative research on public policies, and in the context of Italo-Germanic Historical Studies and Religious Sciences.

Thesis students, Ph.D. students, and visiting professors
Research centers of high international profile
square meters of laboratories
logo ed mach

logo ed mach

logo ed mach

Edmund Mach Foundation

The Edmund Mach Foundation has been involved in key sectors such as agriculture, the environment and food for almost 150 years with education and training activities, scientific research and technology transfer activities – making it a one-of-a-kind center in Europe.

hectares of agricultural land
Farmers trained every year
logo trent svil

logo trent svil

logo trent svil

Trentino Sviluppo

Since 1986, Trentino Sviluppo has been the systems company of the Autonomous Province of Trento for business support, innovation, the creation of strategic clusters, internationalization, business location and territorial marketing. It manages 2 Technopoles and 4 Business Innovation Centers with 850 workers, and manages assets worth over 1 billion euro.

Business Innovation Centers
Companies established
million sqm production areas

Board of Directors


Ivonne Forno


Francesca Demichelis


Paolo Pretti
Board Member


Fulvio Mattivi
Board Member


Andrea Simoni
Board Member

Supervisory body


Maria Letizia Paltrinieri
President of the Supervisory Body


Michele Cavalieri
Member of the Supervisory Body


Saveria Moncher
Member of the Supervisory Body

We guarantee total transparency on the Foundation’s activities and on the use of public resources. Consult the data and documents of our administration.

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